Services Offered

FastBlade will offer a suite of customisable and scalable, experimental and testing services to meet every client’s needs.

The team can offer bespoke solutions to match every user’s needs and are supported by the world renown expertise and knowledge within the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh.

Please contact us to find out how we can tailor a test programme to match you testing & certification needs and budget.

FastBlade will offer packages for the following structural test requirements:

  1. Design validation  
  2. Manufacturing quality testing  
  3. Validation of repairs and design changes  
  4. Verification of structural health monitoring equipment

FastBlade will offer specific services such as:

  1. Test Specification
  2. Test Design
  3. Determination of Specimen Properties  
  4. Fatigue testing  
  5. Static Testing  
  6. Test Analysis
  7. Test Reporting