About the Facility

The FASTBLADE facility is designed to accommodate a wide range of clients, students and staff to help ensure both technical and customer service excellence.

Main Test Hall

The FASTBLADE main test hall has been designed to accommodate all required testing equipment including hydraulics, instrumentation, and access equipment. There is adequate space for articulated lorries to enter the facility through the 9m high x 12m wide bay doors for safe off loading of specimens using a pair of overhead travelling cranes which can be synchronised to aid lifting operations. In addition there is setup and specimen storage space available to allow safe installation of instrumentation prior to installation on the reaction frame.


FASTBLADE has been designed to provide a space for both clients and staff to work on site while being safely distanced from the structural testing within the main test hall. There are offices for FASTBLADE staff, a control room, a meeting room, a multi-use teaching / research space with capacity for up to 20 people as well as both mechanical and electrical workshops.

Mechanical Workshop

The FASTBLADE mechanical workshop is available for development of specimen connection systems, servicing of hydraulic systems and as a space where mechanical components can be developed for research projects.

Electrical Workshop

The FASTBLADE electrical workshop is available primarily for instrumentation setup and development before deployment on specimens. A suite of electronic systems are available such as signal generators, oscilloscopes, data acquisition and other control systems for testing control algorithms and verification and calibration of instrumentation.


FASTBLADE is located on the Rosyth Dockyard site here:



Site Access

The site is accessed through the Babcock/ Rosyth Dockyard main gate