Scott Sinclair

I am a 4th-year mechanical engineering student working as a Research Engineer while on placement at FASTBLADE. I am also part of the universities Formula Student team leading the Vehicle Dynamics sub-team. One of my main hobbies is restoring my 1982 Series 3 Land Rover.

My Work with FASTBLADE:

One of my main projects with FASTBLADE has been developing a CAD model of the very first test specimen we will test, the DeepGen tidal turbine blade. I used data from old design reports to generate NACA profiles of the blade, which I could then implement into our CAD software to create an accurate model of the blade. This model has since been used for ram positioning and instrumentation planning.

One of my long-term projects has been the setup and running of our Digital Image Correlation software, MatchID. I have undergone training courses learning how to use the software successfully and have been running experiments on our DeepGen tidal blade collecting data on strain and deformation which will be a key component of the data we will provide to our clients.