Ondrej Halouzka

I am a mechanical engineer on placement here. I have been a part of Formula Student for three years working on various hardware for our first ever self-driving platform. Currently, I am working on finalizing the car for the 2022 competition to retain our first place in Formula Student UK.

My work with FastBlade:

I joined FastBlade in January 2022 as my placement for six months as a data analyst. My work is split into two parts; the first is data science  – mostly data visualisation, error detection, data validation, and various tools for exporting and filtering. I have also been working on a front-end app for our clients since the data from our testing comes in files that are not openable by common programs such as Excel.

Since I arrived only a few months after FastBlade got its new facility in Babcock, I have helped with the physical setup of the place – assembling hardware, connecting sensors, and setting up our DIC – Digital Image Correlation system, which is a major strong point of FastBlade, being able to support traditional instrumentation by providing more complete 3D data about variables of interest, such as strain or displacement.