Gregory Dayao

I am a mechanical engineering student going into my third year of university. I have been part of HYPED, The University of Edinburgh Hyperloop Team, for 2 years working on the sensor communication protocols, control system and, most recently, the test track, where I was the technical lead for design and manufacture. Currently, I am the Secretary, where I am responsible for maintaining successful workflows as well as managing internal and external affairs of the society.


My work with FASTBLADE:

I joined FASTBLADE for Summer 2020 as a research engineer and took on several different projects. First, I applied my knowledge of current health and safety polices, regulations and industrial processes towards achieving certification of the facility. I analysed the safety of machinery through hazard identification and risk assessments. This project shed some insight on the safety and logistics required to bring this novel facility to the market.
My second project focused on concept design. I developed test setups for clients and worked closely with clients to ensure test specifications were met. I developed a test setup for MacTaggart Scott’s mast raising equipment, as seen on the right, and was able to agree on terms for testing. This unique composite structure presented a challenge, but I was able to develop a customisable test setup for unique structures other than a tidal blade. I am excited to see my designs take form when the facility is completed in 2021.