Anastasia Tsavea

I started working for FASTBLADE at the beginning of my third year of my undergraduate Mechanical Engineering degree. My project was to conduct modal analysis for the test frame in ANSYS using finite element analysis simulations, so that we could predict the natural frequencies of the system. Ultimately, the goal was to ensure the stability of the system by defining the supports of the frame and understanding the effects of other factors by modelling accurate testing environments.

The model was developed initially using some of my background experience with ANSYS, and it was iteratively improved by implementing new methods I was learning in parallel to my work. As an undergraduate, it was a unique professional experience to be able to apply knowledge from my studies to a tangible real-life project while simultaneously learning from and being guided by the FASTBLADE team. This was an invaluable opportunity to have hands-on engineering work and understand the methodology and ethos of research work in academia.

Anastasia in the School of Engineering Structures Hall
FASTBLADE cgi model
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