Thomas Noble (Placement 2019)

About me

5th year Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy (MEng Hons) student graduating this summer (2020).

My Work

I worked at FASTBLADE in my fourth year from January-July 2019 as an engineering placement student. During my time there, I concentrated on discrete elements of the design of the test facility mainly relating to the strong floor and (initial) reaction frame design. This was mainly in the following areas:

  • Assessing the reaction forces on the concept design of the reaction frame  
  • Investigating force transfers in the strong floor
  • Modelling the hydraulic ram concept design
  • Assessing possible hydraulic ram connection point designs
  • Analysing the maximum force that could be applied per individual hydraulic ram

I also worked on two side projects related to impact testing, creating two data acquisition systems. Overall, my placement at FASTBLADE was an opportunity to gain a large variety of experiences, and it was a pleasure to work with Jeff Steynor and Fergus Cuthill.

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